"Still life" explores the surprising relationship that people entertain - beyond sexuality - with vibrantly realistic erotic dolls. Treated as spouses in all respects, these female replicas play a role in the daily emotional lives of an ever-increasing number of men.
As part of the "Still Life" show, photographs of the environment were also displayed. Taken in the small, surreal environment of a suburbia manufacturing plant where the dolls come to life in the hands of skilled artisans. Jean-François put together a studio to shoot the dolls, but his documentary photography impulses led him to explore the plant, and uncover the peculiar atmosphere that reigns in the nondescript industrial building. « It was a small, surreal environment in a suburbia manufacturing plant where the dolls came to life in the hands of skilled artisans. » - Jean-François Bouchard
“I ordered new pubic hair from Sweden.Real pubic hair. The Swedes seem not to mind selling their pubic hair.”
— Mike
“Dolls will dress however you like them. Dolls will not divorce you. You will not get AIDS from a doll. A doll will never cheat on you. You will never have to pay child support to a doll.”
— WinstonSmith
“I’m not some four eyes fat slob with out of control facial hair, beady eyes and a huge nose with body odor living in grandma’s basement as most might think of us doll owners.”
— artist69
“Fuck real women...All they do is play ” head games and manipulate us for what they can get out of us.
— CODEColt45
“To be honest since discovered the world of dolls or synthetic women, there is not enough money in the world to get me to switch over to organic women. ”
— Mephisto138
“There’re worse things than living with dolls. Like, living alone.”
— Everard
“I believe dolls have an important part to play in keeping marriages stable.”
— Haremlover
“More often than so, Daphne is portrayed as a book-smart, computer- smart woman than just a “sex doll.” Daphne was at first intentionally purchased for surrogate friendship, sex takes a back seat. ”
— Casperghostboy
“When she returns from repairs, it will pretty much be like a
second honeymoon.”
— Davecat
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