"Secret Societies" photographs explore a new social phenomenon. In the past, tribes existed for the purpose of survival and grew of a geographical proximity. Today, modern tribes form for radically different reasons. The way how technology and the social fabric are evolving allows the development of often - misunderstood groups - or "secret societies" - whose members are drawn together to share their very special interests. Fetishists, nudist, hippies, ravers, medievalist, aficionados of pornography, or tattoos have no qualms about searching the world to find like-minded souls. 
« When I shot the “Secret Societies” exhibition, I immersed myself in all sorts of parallel and marginal worlds. I love discovering intriguing people, bound together by peculiar interests.  When people see pictures like this one, they often ask me questions such as: “Are you into bondage and S&M yourself ?!?” I am sure many photographers get such questions about their work. To me, the answer is to formulate a question back: “Do you think a war photographer is into war?” As a admirer of photographers such as Robert Capa or James Nachtwey (my hero) who have witnessed the unbearable, I consider my subject matters as a walk in the park, even when they become edgier or are likely to get people staring suspiciously at me at show openings...» 
- Jean-François Bouchard
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